About Therapy

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons. You may be seeking therapy if you are faced with confusing or painful situations, a sense of dissatisfaction, traumatic experiences or difficult memories, struggling with making decisions, or simply feeling the need for change.

In any case, one may come to therapy feeling that, for any reason at all, they just want to be with someone who will provide a space for them where they will feel actively listened to.

Understanding how you relate to others is central to understanding yourself. Dynamics that occur in the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship can often shed light on the way you relate to others, which may also help you gain some clarity.

While we cannot always choose what happens in our lives, we do have a degree of choice and freedom in how we respond. The more clarity we have about how we behave and what we are feeling, the more we can take ownership of ourselves and move towards a life that is in line with our fundamental values.

To read about how I work as a therapist, you can visit my About Me page.